Park City, Utah Trip 1

March 28th, 2012 § 1 comment

After exploring Utah Olympic Park we headed to the heart of Park City. I was excited to see what Park City was all about. I knew ahead of time that it was the premier ski destination in Utah. It is also home of the Sundance Film Festival. That gave me an idea of what it was going to be like. Seeing it in person, though, was so much better. There are three ski resorts right in Park City. As we were driving towards downtown Park City the first one we passed was The Canyons. We didn’t go to the resort itself, but from a distance it looked pretty nice. It seemed like it catered to those wanting a luxury ski trip. As we continued on the next resort we saw was Park City Mountain Resort. This is the main ski resort in park city. It is right in the heart of town. The ski slopes end practically in town. In one location they actually enter town. As we continued to drive we went under a bridge. This bridge is part of the ski resort that actually goes right in to town. You can literally ski right off the mountain, over the bridge, and in to town. There is a chairlift at the end of the bridge that you can take right back up the mountain. I thought this was really cool. All of Park City has a resort feel to it. The architecture is all styled to fit the “mountain retreat” theme. We passed a Burger King restaurant styled the same way. Our destination was Main Street in Park City. As we turned on to Main Street I fell even more in love with Park City and Utah.

Main Street in Park City, Utah.

Main Street is lined with all sorts of shops, restaurants, and bars. It was very busy. Tourists and ski bums everywhere. People literally just skied off the mountain and in to town. The mountains provided the perfect back drop to the town. We drove about halfway up Main Street then found a place to park on the street. They get much more snow in Park City than down in Salt Lake City. There were snowplow created piles of snow all over the place.
Main Street in Park City, Utah.

We decided to find a place to eat first. We walked all the way up the street and halfway back down the other side before we decided on Flanagan’s, an Irish pub. The atmosphere was pretty typical of any pub. One interesting thing I noticed shortly after walking in was they had dollar bills hanging all over the walls. People decorate a dollar bill and then are allowed to hang it up on the wall. I thought that was kind of cool. The menu was what I expected it to be. They serve all the typical Irish fare. I decided on the Rueben and Tomato Bisque Soup.
Rueben and Tomato Bisque Soup from Flannagan's in Park City, Utah.

The service at Flanagan’s was not that great. It took an hour to get our food and it was not that busy. It may have been because there were six of us, but still not sure that justifies an hour to prepare our food. The food itself was very good. I ate pretty quickly because I was anxious to get back outside and explore more of Park City. Everyone else was not in as big of a hurry so I went ahead and paid and headed out to explore a little bit on my own. I am glad I did too because I found out later that after I left the server got an attitude with the other people in our party. Glad I missed that drama. By the time I made it out of the restaurant the sun had already began to set, adding a new dimension to Main Street. I was on a mission. I wanted to take some pictures of that ski bridge and chairlift we had passed on our way in. As I walked down the street I passed this well decorated building.
Main Street in Park City, Utah.

There were red Christmas lights all over it. The second floor balcony was decorated with these hanging orbs lined with more red Christmas lights. I don’t think this picture does it justice. After admiring the decorations and taking some pictures I continued my exploring. There are little alley ways and corridors in between some of the shops. These alleys provide glimpses to more layers of little village buildings. Occasionally the breaks between the buildings provide views of the ski slopes and mountains directly behind. Pro ski shops are mixed in with the souvenir and specialty shops. There are jewelry shops mixed in as well since Park City was founded on silver mines. Eventually I made it down to the ski bridge and managed to get some pictures of it before it was too dark.
Park City, Utah.

By this time I was freezing. It was really cold in Park City. I think the temperature was nineteen degrees. It felt much colder because of the wind. I was definitely ready to warm up so I decided to get my souvenir shopping done. After a little while looking around in some of the different shops I decided to meet back up with the group. They were just getting out of the restaurant. The server along with being rude also messed up the checks. Again, glad I left. The sun had completely set by this point. The street and all the shops were all lit up.
Main Street in Park City, Utah.

The rest of the group also wanted to do some shopping so we walked down the street and perused some more of the shops. One of my favorite stops was The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. You can probably infer why it was my favorite. They had all kinds of chocolate goodness. Fudge, truffles, and chocolate dipped Oreos are just a few examples of the goodness they sold there. The thing that caught our attention was the huge variety of candy apples they had in the window. My chocolate indulgence of choice was peanut butter fudge. After we all satisfied our sweet tooth we looked through a few more shops. We decided to head back a little early. It was bitterly cold, some of us had to do laundry, and some of us had to get up really early the next morning. I definitely loved Park City, although, I don’t think I would want to live there. It is very touristy and has a bit of a pretentious feel to it. Visiting Park City definitely sealed the deal on my love affair with Utah though. Just because I wouldn’t want to live in Park City doesn’t mean I wouldn’t want to live close enough to drive up for the day.
Main Street in Park City, Utah.

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